Quadra also has dozens of footer templates. These footer templates are designed to be completely creative and useful. They are all fully responsive and look great on every device. Tested on all mobile devices, tablets and operating systems.

A single version of each template is shown on this page. The other versions are also available for most. In the comments you can see the links.

In addition, no Javascript or CSS code was written for all footer templates. Therefore, they do not create any code load. And you can copy any template directly to your website. It will work directly.

This footer type may contain detailed information. You can add details such as addresses (Google Maps can be added for each address), social networks, extra links, comments. You can use it with white and dark theme. Templates were created for both. You can click the links below for live examples.

This footer template is designed mainly for social links. You can view your Twitter and Instagram posts up to date. You must have "User ID, Client ID and Access Token" information for Instagram feed. For Twitter Feed, just enter the username. For Instagram and Twitter feed; You can easily make settings such as number of posts, spaces between posts, typography.

This footer template uses simple and important content. Areas such as addresses and newsletters are easily editable and completely flexible. Newsletter form works. With Mailchimp you can easily create your mailing list.

With this footer template you can add as many links as you want, list products or external pages. Newsletter form and all other content can be easily edited.

You can add as many columns and details as you want. You can adjust the container width as well as the amount of content and the number of columns. You can use the Mailchimp-based newsletter, "about us" content, external links, and many other add-ons. You can easily change the typography, colors and background of all content.

With this simple footer type, you can use a stylish and useful footer on your website. Apparently everything is editable. This fully responsive design looks great on all devices.

This footer is embellished with SVG and the colors do not belong to SVG. So you can easily choose the colors you want with class. You can add content between the box and the footer-bottom field as you like.

You can add as much detail-content as you want to this footer template decorated with a figure. The figure is drawn in SVG and comes with the theme. You can replace it with a drawing of your choice. The entire Footer template is fully editable, just like all other templates. And no CSS or Javascript code was written for all of these templates. They do not generate any code load.

This footer template uses interchangeable gradients and waves. You can use useful links, social networks and your message. Designed for a stylish and simple look.

You can use any product or brand image on this footer template. Image can be JPEG, PNG, SVG, WEBP type. You can use lazy load for these images. All content, colors, waves are fully editable.

You can use pictures or videos on backgrounds. Lazy load can be used for these background images. The number of links below doesn't matter if you can use more or less. No Javascript code is used for blur effect. It will be adjusted automatically according to the picture.

You can use this footer template for a simple and elegant look. You can use video instead of a picture in the background. Text and button colors are given with additional data-color, data-bgcolor and data-bcolor (text, background and border colors) features. You can use the colors and typography you want in accordance with the picture.

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