Very stylish looking, useful, fast and mobile support, this type of navigation; Punch Navigation. You can add content to the animated columns in full screen. You can add them all these animations and set their delay when trigger punch navigation.

You don't have to add links in Punch navigation, you can also use it as a content area. You can add as many columns as you like. They will be automatically animated. You are free to add articles and images as you like.

You can edit the colors of the columns, all animations and typography without using CSS or Javascript, only with helper classes. You can use any element as a trigger. Simply add the ".punch-nav-trigger" class to an element. You can also open Punch navigation on by pressing the "N" key, and close by pressing the "ESC" key.

This Punch navigation template is made with a stylish and simple design. The most necessary elements were used. All typography, colors, spaces in the content can be easily edited. Only 2 columns were used. You can add and remove more columns if you want.

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