Quadra has many form elements such as inputs, file inputs, textareas, radios, checkboxes, quantity, switches, date pickers.

These templates have their own fixed CSS code. However, their visual arrangement was created entirely with auxiliary classes. So they can look in dozens of different ways, and they don't need a CSS or Javascript setting. All you have to do is set the color, background, border, settings you want with the auxiliary classes.

Date picker templates File input templates

Quadra has many quantity templates. These quantity templates are completely created with helpers and can be easily edited. Plus and minus buttons can be arranged like a normal icon, while the number part can be easily stylized. You can use a lot of hover effects on plus and minus buttons also. Many templates have been created with the helpers, and dozens more can be created. Either copy-use or create your own design.

You can also use Quantity samples as a button group. Examples of the quantity-button group are below.

There are many checkbox templates available in Quadra. You can easily arrange the colors, shapes of these templates for active and inactive situations. Also, you can animate these checkbox templates with the "slow, slow-sm, slow-lg" classes. - (-lg and -sm suffixes using for animation speeds).

Radio uses are very similar to checkbox. You can easily arrange the radio buttons according to the form design and use it on any background color or image. Or you can use any ready-to-use template.

You can use all toggle switch designs directly or edit them as you like. Active and inactive styles are fully editable. This also applies to the dot. You don't need css or javascript codes to change Toggle switch design shapes, colors. All of them can be done easily with HTML. Also you can use gradient backgrounds & colors on the toggle switches. You can create unlimited toggle switch examples with helper classes. You can use them in forms or on different plugins.

Many stylish and useful input and textarea examples are ready to be used here. If you want, you can shape all the inputs as you like. You can use and edit all designs seamlessly on select inputs and number inputs. You can get the look you want without the need for any CSS or programming language. This includes Hover and active styles. With Quadra's PHPMailer-created form examples and input designs, you can create as detailed or simple forms as you want. Just use whatever you need for your form. You can easily use it on many ready-to-use contact pages or demos.

You can visit creative & useful "file input" templates from here.
You can visit beautiful "data-picker" templates from here.
Please tell us if you want to see more creative elements in Quadra. We really care about it.
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