Quadra has many loader templates. Some are pure CSS3, some are gifs and some are animated icons. You only need move these animations into a div with the .page-loader class. It will work directly. These animations are not site load. Don't forget to copy the styles of the animation you want to use into your website's CSS file. You can use CSS3 loader animations and icon loaders in any color you want. And you can use them on any background color you want.

Signal loader animation; You can use the colors you want and change the background color.

Square 3D loader; loader and background color can be edited.

Spinner loader; each item can be used in different colors and the background can be edited.

Square loader type 2; border and background color can be changed. The fill animation in the middle does not have to be white.

Circle loader animation; usable in white and black.

Gif loaders; you can use any color background you want, but loaders cannot be edited.

loader gif template
loader gif template
loader gif template

These are font-icons and you can use any icon Quadra is have. They can be used any color and on any background color. And you can edit their sizes.

Solid icons - Font Awesome icons Line icons - Themify icons
Please tell us if you want to see more creative templates in Quadra. We really care about it.
website logo template
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