Quadra has many file input designs and features. You can use these file input templates in any form you want, you can send files over the website.

In these file input examples, you can select file size, error message and successful message with "data" attributes. You can also choose the file type you want. For example, PDF, video, music or image. You can also choose to accept multiple or single files. The maximum size you specify will calculate the total size of multiple files.

These file input templates can be easily edited. And as with most Quadra elements, they was created entirely with helpers. This means that it does not create any code load on the website and can be fully edited.

Classic form input templates are available here. You can use or edit whatever you want.

You can send files with a stylish design. These templates are ready to use. Just edit the required php file. You can edit all the details. This file does not keep files on the server for security reasons. It hides their names and formats and deletes them after sending.

These templates are fully editable and can be used on any background and section. You can make it most stylish for your website and use it.

These templates are limited to specified formats only. You can select and use which format you want. You can also specify the size of these files as you like.

Please tell us if you want to see more creative elements in Quadra. We really care about it.
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