You can add hotspots & note points on the picture you want. You can easily do this with the templates below and use it wherever you want. You can use pop up & popover on these hotspots.

It's a great way to describes & notes anywhere in an image. And on all devices, you can use hotspots responsive, without changing the position.

You can easily edit the colors, sizes and shapes of the hostpots. You can highlight any shade according to the picture color tones. You can even animate them. Notes can be active by click or hover, you can add videos, images or text inside them, choose the opening directions, so you can edit everything.

By fixing hotspots exactly where you want them, you can add the descriptions and details you want. They will appear in the right place on every screen size.

hotspot image

You can highlight them by animating them the way you want. Animations will work, regardless of colors and sizes.

hotspot image
Please tell us if you want to see more hotspots types & templates in Quadra. We really care about it.
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