In Quadra you can list your partner or customer logos in very stylish and useful ways. These logos can be PNG, JPEG, WEBP or SVG. You can fix them to a certain resolution and use lazy load. You can align them as you like and use them in flexible columns.

You can adjust the opacity of logos and add links. They can also be used as carousel with great features like Slick Slider and Cube Portfolio.

You can use customer logos as you like with low opacity and border lines. You can change the visibility on all screens individually. You can easily use them on dark or pictorial backgrounds.

You can copy these templates directly to your website and modify images. No extra css code was written for any template. They are all created with helper classes and will not take up space on your website.

You can change easily border colors and logo opacity for backgrounds in different color tones. You can change the background colors with the shortcuts bg-darkX, bg-grayX, bg-gradientX or bg-examplecolor. You can see section templates in this page also. Quadra has dozens of border and background colors.

You can use all customer logos as a separate box, you can give the hover features you want separately. You can use different colors for each one and adjust their resolution.

You can use them as a carousel with great features like Slick Slider or Cube portfolio. You can choose from a variety of arrows or pagination designs, and you can show them on your website in a very stylish way. The Lazy Load feature can be used separately for each carousel. And it won't load until slide time. The following carousel was created with Slick slider and you can copy it to your website without any javascript settings. You can edit everything in the "data" attributte.

You can use these carousel templates in any column or full width. You can only specify how many logos to display in the "data" section. And you can do it separately for each screen resolution.

Please tell us if you want to see more client lists & carousel templates in Quadra. We really care about it.
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