Quadra has many buttons and mouse hover templates. And they are fully editable, you can adjust all settings such as size, shape, color, background, typography as you like. There are many Quadra helper classes for all of them, and you can do whatever you want without the need for javascript or css codes. All buttons are made with helper classes only. They will not create any CSS weight on the website. Quadra users can copy all buttons to the website and they will work directly.

Font icons or SVG designs can be used within these buttons. And you can place the buttons anywhere on your Website easily.

You can easily edit the shapes and colors of the buttons. The buttons can be in any shape and look great on all devices. You can also use any color you want. Both text colors and background colors can be easily changed. If you don't like template colors, you can use additional data-bgcolor and data-color features. You can also use any gradient transitions on them.

You can change the borders of the buttons as you like. You can give any style, width, and color. You can cancel the borders (left, right, top or bottom) which you want. And you can use them on colored backgrounds.

You can easily edit the typography of the buttons. You can link and use any of the Google Fonts you want, or you can link your own font with font-face and create your typography. You can adjust font sizes, styles, colors and all other css settings with Quadra helpers.

Quadra has many useful box-shadow templates. They can be used fixed or with hover. You can adjust their darkness and size, you can also use the background color. So whatever the color is the button, the shadow will be the same color. The section background color is not important for these shadow effects. You can just copy whatever you want and use it on your website. This will work within buttons with a gradient background.

With Quadra you can group all the buttons you want. You can edit the group container and all the buttons in it. Single or several buttons can also be used in a text container. You can easily edit all the styles of the containers and the buttons in it, and use them in a design that suits your website. All buttons are created with completely Quadra helpers, you can copy them directly to your website.

This is an example title

This is an example description

Button template
Button template
This is an example title

This is an example description

The width of the buttons can be used auto or 100%. And you can use them in text, form or gallery blocks. These buttons are fully editable like the others .

Buttons can be used with icons in many ways. You can add any font-icon or SVG design to the buttons.

The buttons can be used only with text, without any background. You can use them between paragraphs or section articles. You can use many hover animations such as underline, color, letter-spacing, opacity for text buttons.

Quadra has many hover animations. And they are all fully customizable. So you can use your own hover effects with any colors, animation speed, typography. You can copy and use all the buttons on your website. No extra settings are required.

You can use all buttons as a Lightbox trigger. All you have to do is add a ".lightbox" class to the button. If you are going to use it for any video or Google maps, you should use the additional data-iframe = "true" attribute. It will work for all of them.

Please tell us if you want to see more creative button templates in Quadra. We really care about it.
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